1000pc Bulk 14K Gold-Filled 3mm Round Seamless Spacer Beads

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This is a 3mm round seamless bead with a 0.94mm hole. You will get a bag of 1,000 3mm beads. 3mm is a very small size. you can put about 8 of these on 1 inch string. These tiny beads can be used in a variety of jewelry projects. Once can use these as spacer beads in necklaces, bracelets, ear rings. You can string a lot of these together and make a golden necklace. These can also be used with other size gold-filled beads and make a graduated size bead necklace with largest size bead in the center and add smaller beads on let side as well as right side of larger beads. 14K Gold-Filled is also known as 14/20 or 1/20 14K. 1/20 means that 5% of the total metal in the bead is 14K Gold which gives the bead a look and feel of 14K gold.



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